Press Brake

▶ Y1, Y2, X, R Axis
▶ Exceptional High Stroke 300 mm
▶ Exceptional Big Throat 500 mm
▶ Cybelec ModEva 10’s CNC 2D graphical colored control unit,
▶ Delem 66T CNC control unit
▶ (Touch Screen 3 D visualizations for machine, parts, tools, backgauge )
▶ M50 2D colored graphical CNC control unit (15 inch TFT Windows)
▶ Original WILA ‘Opposing wave’ Manual and Motorized Crowning (Anti-deflections ) System
▶ Original Hoerbiger or Rexroth Hydraulic Systems with CE norms compatible
▶ Schneider-Telemechanique electrical components, with ventilations electrical cabinet
▶ Multi –Functions stand type Control panel and foot pedal with CE norms compatible
▶ High Quality, high accuracy, +- 0,005 mm Heidenhein or Givi optic linear scale
▶ Up to 120 mm/second upper beam approach speed
▶ Up tp 120mm /second upper beam return speed
▶ User friendly ergonomically movable control panel
▶ Unimec original brand, Rigid heavy duty, cnc controlled back gauge
▶ Movable sliding front support arm system
▶ +- 0,03mm precision servo motorized, back gauge system with driver
▶ Back gauge X axis range (stroke) 750 mm
▶ Back gauge speed 500mm /second
▶ Manual movable back gauge fingers along of bending length
▶ Side protect covers
▶ Quick clamping system for promecam type top tool
▶ Top tools hardened, grinded standard 835mm lengths, 66,6mm (1260)-105mm (1281) ( 400 ton and over ) high
▶ Bottom tools hardened, grinded standard 835 mm lengths, 60x60mm, 4 channels 16/22/35/50 mm (2067)
▶ Narrow table or T slot wide table
▶ CE conformity light barriers rear of pres
▶ Complete electrical switch board and control panel for 400V AC 3 Phase 50Hz
▶ High Speed options, Approach speed, return speed up to 180 mm/second
▶ Cybelec ModEva 12’s – 15’s, 3 D colored graphical CNC control unit
▶ Delem 69, 3 D colored graphical CNC control unit
▶ M50 PCT, 3 D colored graphical CNC control unit
▶ Delem Profile W Software
▶ Original WILA ‘Opposing wave’ Motorized Crowning (Anti-deflections ) System
▶ X,R, Z1+Z2 4 axis back gauge
▶ X1+X2, R, Z1+Z2 5 axis back gauge
▶ X1+X2,R1+R2, Z1+Z2 6 axis back gauge
▶ X5 axis ▶ 1000mm X axis range (stroke )
▶ CE Conformity with AKAS Laser finger protections manual and safety PLC
▶ CE Conformity with AKAS Laser finger protections Motorized and safety PLC
▶ CE Conformity with LASERSAFE Laser finger protections and safety PLC
▶ DFS Laser Beams finger protections in front
▶ Light Barriers in front ( for Tandem applications)
▶ Extra back gauge fingers
▶ Extra front support arms
▶ WILA hydraulic or mechanic top tool clamping system
▶ WILA hydraulic or mechanic bottom tool clamping system
▶ Hydraulic Promecam type top tool clamping system
▶ American type compatible top tool clamping system
▶ Sheet Follower CNC controlled AP3+AP4 axis front support arms by servo Motorized
▶ Laser Angle Management System
▶ T slot on Table
▶ Heat Exchanger ( Oil Cooler )
▶ Special Color
▶ Extra back gauge fingers
▶ Extra front support arms
▶ Extra Control panel foot pedal
▶ ROL1 or ROL2- ROL4 top tool clamping systems
▶ Special stroke, Special throat
▶ 220-240V 60hz operating voltage
▶ 440-480V 60hz operating voltage
▶ 220-240V 60Hz and 440V-480V 60 Hz double operating voltage (by preliminary preparation)